Week 2: Belize District!

Since our last post, we finished up teaching in the Cayo district. Again the first school we taught was Mount Carmel Primary School in Benque. We then moved to Succotz Primary School in Succotz, Clarissa Falls Primary in Clarissa Falls and finally Eden Primary School in Santa Elena. The end of our week was really amazing in San Ignacio but it was time to leave for a new district.

Currently we are in the Belize District, where we will mainly teach schools around Belize City. We were really excited to see what types of children and classes awaited us, but first we needed to make a stop to the Ministry of Education to the district coordinator. After our meeting, we got a list of schools that we would be teaching for the rest of the week. Our first stop was at St. Martins del Porres.

From the quiet rural areas of San Ignacio, our teaching group really didn’t know what to expect from Belize City. St. Martins del Porres brought on a completely different dynamic from San Ignacio, where there were more behavioural issues. This did provide us with a bit of a challenge, however we tried our best to deliver the information as effectively as possible.

The next day we headed to was St. Lukes Methodist. Our teaching group was expecting to face a challenge like that of the first school, since this school was just down the street from the first. However we were all surprised of the difference in the students of St. Lukes. They were all very welcoming, receptive and eager to learn. We really had an awesome day and our teaching team believes that we really did make a difference at this school!

Tomorrow is a new day with new students and we are eager to know what type of students await us!

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