From busy & big Belize city to small & sweet Sarteneja!

Hello our dear readers!

So another chapter in the Secondary School project comes to a close as we wrapped up our final week in Belize City. Throughout the week we were teaching at the YWCA as well as Excelsior High School and Maud Williams High School.

Lets not forget about the BFLA! We also worked there for a few hours each day finishing up pamphlets for them to give out to the public. One pamphlet provided information about how hypertension can affect pregnancy and the other covered the topic of how diabetes can affect both male and female fertility. Definitely learned a lot from this past two weeks of work and research!

Camila and Khalif taught at Excelsior High School which was a really great school with a super enthusiastic guidance counsellor. Unfortunately, due to holidays and the rain (oh! so much rain), they were only able to teach two days at the high school. Although only given a limited amount of time, they were able to get into the Life Skills classes at the school and teach during the day as opposed to our regular after school sessions. In these classes Khalif and Camila covered topics like stress management, self-esteem and peer pressure which seemed to be well received and enjoyed by the students. Although they didn’t get to know the students super well, there were able to teach almost every student in the school!!

The other school was Maud Williams High School, where Lauren and Logan taught for the week. What was so great about this school was not only the fact that they already had a great Peer Leader group formed and well integrated into the school community, but their principal was an outstanding person who really cared about her students! Although only having two days to teach the peer leader group, Logan & Lauren covered topics like communication, peer pressure, conflict resolution, STIs and HIV/AIDs. The students were incredibly knowledgeable on this material answering almost every question we threw their way.

The four of us also wrapped up our teaching at the YWCA. This week we had the opportunity to not only teach the first years but also the second years, who were a great group of girls! Both the staff and the students at the YWCA were most welcoming and friendly. We can’t wait for the project to return there next year.

Before ending our chapter in Belize city on Saturday,  we got up at 3 in the morning to participate in the 2012 Belize Cancer Walk, a 9 mile walk from Ladyville to Belize City. The walk itself only took 2 hours, and afterwards when we were back at the cancer society we saw the Prime Minister of Belize…pretty cool.

After resting our legs for a few short hours, we got on a bus in Belize City and took a 4 hour bus ride to the small village of Sarteneja, located in the northeastern part of the Corazal district. Sarteneja  is mainly a fishing village located right on the coast! With a great ocean view and calm blue waters, we are super excited to start our next two weeks teaching at schools in Sarteneja and Chunox (another small village just an hour away from Sarteneja).

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Sweat-Stache, Camillionaire, Swag and The Professor

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  1. sweat stache-lauren, camillionaire-khlaif, swag-camila, the professor-logan

    AM I RIGHT?!?! hahahahhaahahhahahahahah

  2. But seriously, wicked blog! So glad you guys decided to go to Belize City in the end. I was teaching in a Life Skills class the other day too actually! I am sure they absolutely loved you all. Good luck in your final two weeks!

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