Hello from the Cultural Capital of Belize!

Safe and sound in Belize!

We were greeted at the airport by longtime QHO supporters from the Smokin’ Baläm Inn and driven into Belize City. All 10 of us explored the city a bit, enjoyed some local food, and planned for the week ahead. The next morning we travelled by bus to Belmopan and then said our farewells when we each took separate busses to the different locations. Primary headed to Dangriga and Secondary headed out to San Ignacio.

Now, we are safely settled in at the Chaleanor Inn in Dangriga. The town is right on the coast, and it is beautiful! The Ministry of Education contact, Marshall Mejia, was very helpful this morning. He took us on a short walking tour of Holy Ghost School and showed us the food program he has set up. He feeds 200 students a day at six schools!

Both schools that we are teaching at are within walking distance. Erica and Emily are teaching together this week and had a great time teaching our puberty lesson to a special education and to a standard two (about grade 4/5 level) classes and hygiene to an Infant One (kindergarten) class. Alex and Kathleen are teaching together at Zion 7th Day Adventist School, and taught the whole school day. They taught about stress management, bullying, substance abuse, and healthy active living. All the kids were full of energy and seemed receptive and excited to learn. They were incredibly welcoming and respectful. I think we could all get used to being called “miss” and “sir.” We all can’t wait to teach more tomorrow!

There is a holiday on Wednesday and Mr. Mejia said he would take us on a tour of the town, so we are looking forward to that. We’re excited to get to know the students better throughout the week and see them all at the town soccer game on Friday! We can’t wait for Secondary to join us at the end of the week, so we can show them around and share Dangriga with them!

Until next week,

Miss Emily, Miss Kathleen, Miss Erica, Sir Alex, and Miss Kayla (photographer extraordinaire)Image

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  1. Enjoy the experience all…..you are on the adventure of a lifetime. Your commitment to this project is admired by all that will read your posts. I think that everyone here back home is glad to know that you are all safe, and enjoying your first experience in Dangringa, and proud to be a part of your adventure. Keep up the posts…..stay safe….. and enjoy what you are doing….. This is something that you will reflect on for the rest of your life.
    luv ya Miss Kayla…..(sorry all…..had to get that in there)

  2. Great post and love the picture. So happy to hear all is well and you’ve already started teaching. The city sounds great and we’re looking forward to many more updates. xoxo Kathleen’s mom.

  3. I loved the blog also and it sounds like your first day was very successful-I know those kids will love each of you and your lessons may be life changing to some of them.I loved the picture and it is nice (especially for moms-aka me)to know you are all safe.Have fun! And like Harry K let it slip out -lov u Sir Alex!

  4. We are all very proud of you ! This is an experience of a lifetime so enjoy and learn from it. So relieved you arrived safe and sound and seem to be adapting quit well. Stay safe. Can’t wait to read about your next adventures. You are all wonderful roll models and make Queen’s proud. Love you Erica.from all of us. Mom,Dad,S and A, Avo and Avo .

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