Primary is sweating with excitement!

So we have arrived safely in Belize City, and how would we describe our first day: SWEATY!

To recap, we started our journey off in Toronto, most of us donning serious jackets and long pants, cause Canadian weather is still something akin to ‘Frozen.’ So upon arrival in Miami and later Belize, we had to ‘Let It Go,’ as Idina Menzel would belt. And so there we were, shorts and tank tops on, checked in at Smoking Balam, and ready to see what Belize City had to offer us. Although neither primary or secondary are teaching here yet, we will be back! So it was a great day getting acquainted with the city and its friendly citizens, and not-so friendly dogs. Water was an absolute necessity, cause the sweat was on us like a bear on honey. We journeyed around, from the grocery store, to the pier and to a lovely spot for dinner. It’s been a really great experience getting to be with the whole project, which will not be the case for the next six weeks on project. We are all really looking forward to getting into the classroom on Monday in Punta Gorda… not so much looking forward to the long bus ride tomorrow, but what can ya do?! Every moment here is special and we are soaking it all in and are getting ready to give our all in the classroom.

Primary Peeps Out!

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