Secondary Signing Off… *sniff sniff*

The Secondary Crew is so sad that their 6 weeks of project has come to an end. The group had the opportunity to finish off their teaching experience at Trial Farm Primary School. It was great to experience teaching in a primary school after 5 weeks of teaching in secondary schools! It was a much different experience but a wonderful opportunity! Over the course of the week, all four Peer Educators taught Sexual Responsibility to all of the Standard 5 and 6 students, and Puberty to all of the Standard 3 and 4 students. We would like to say thank you to Mrs. Romero, the principal, as well as the rest of the staff at Trial Farm. The school was extremely welcoming and accommodating to QHO for our time there.

After an incredible 6 weeks, the Secondary crew has learned more than they ever would have thought. We are sad to see our 6 weeks of teaching come to an end, but are very excited and looking forward to sharing our amazing experiences with our family and friends back in Canada. We would like to thank our wonderful Project Director Emily once more for helping us prepare for our 6 weeks on project. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Signing off for the last time,

Lisa, Meg, Georgia, and Evan


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