Primary is Primed and Ready!!!

Here we go folks, it’s the final countdown. Primary is very excited to make our way to Belize in a few hours and implement all the teaching strategies and skills we’ve been developing over the past 7 months. We’ve been looking forward to these next six week for so long, it’s hard to believe that they are finally here! First stop is Corozal, a coastal city in northern Belize, followed by none other than the capital itself, Belize City, and then finally Dangriga, after which our initiative will come to its grand conclusion.

We have been working very hard this past school year with fundraising, practice teaching, and attending education sessions every weekend where we have shared teaching strategies with other QHO members. Our fundraisers included spreading some Christmas cheer with hot chocolate at the Santa Claus parade and sharing some love with cupcake valo-grams during valentines day. Some of the QHO wide fundraisers consisted of the trick-or-funding for Halloween, and Christmas carolling.

At our weekly practice teaching sessions, we developed lesson plans and encouraged constructive criticism! The QHO wide education sessions included practice teaching, presentations regarding a variety of health and development related topics. We are now eager to demonstrate our teaching skills starting this Monday!

Tune in next time for episode two of Adventures with QHO Belize Primary.

Vlad, Laura “Junior” Manning, Laura Cozzi, and Karina

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