The day has finally come!!!

The time has come… Exams are over, our bags are packed, and QHO Secondary is ready to leave for Belize! We can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Over the course of our 6 week initiative, we will be teaching in three different districts of Belize including Toledo, Belize, and Stann Creek. Our team consists of four Peer Educators, including Mario Rotundo, Jesse Todd, Kathleen Hogan, James Jun and our fearless Program Director Georgia Lundy. Together, we constitute what we often refer to as “The Dream Team”.

We have spent the last 7 months developing our skills as Peer Educators through practice teaching. Education sessions and initiative-specific meetings have provided us with excellent forums to enhance our teaching skills. Our Program Directors and the QHO Education Directors provided valuable insight and constructive criticism derived from their own experience as educators, which has proven invaluable to us. It is truly amazing to recognize the progress of our fellow Peer Educators, as their self-confidence and passion flourishes with every passing session.

Something we are particularly excited to implement is the Peer Leadership Program, which will provide specialized Peer Educator training to a select group of students. We will encourage these students to act as leaders and educators in their communities on a long-term basis. We hope that this will increase the sustainability of our program, and create a lasting impact in Belize.

In just a few hours, we will be catching a flight to Belize City. We will be spending one night in the city before departing for Punta Gorda, where we will begin teaching on Monday!

We couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Peace out boy scouts!

Mario, Jesse, James, Kath, and Georgia

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  1. Hope the plane ride went OK and now settling in to Punta Gorda. Looking forward to hearing all about the work, the fun the sun!

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