Reunited and it feels so good! 

Can’t believe we have already come to the end of our 2nd leg of our initiative in Dangriga! 

This week Kathleen and James continued on at Ecumenical High School. Being in first and third form classes all week, we spoke about Healthy Sexual Relationships and Substance Use and Abuse. The students, especially the third forms, had a very high level of understanding for both topics. Having recognized this, we promoted more discussion based classes where students were encouraged to ask questions and debate about the different topics. Outside the classrooms, we also spent our lunch break times to engage in more casual conversation with some students and to exchange stories about our respective home countries. On Friday, we sadly said our farewell to the students of Ecumenical, and the school counsellor, Luiza, kindly surprised us with presents – an Ecumenical school t-shirt and bracelets made by students! This made out goodbyes harder but we are thankful for our opportunity to be at the school for the past two weeks.

Last day selfie!

Jesse and Mario’s last week at Georgetown was a blast. Teaching topics included healthy sexual relationships and HIV/AIDS, which generated excellent debate and interest from students as always. We also had the exciting opportunity to run physical education classes on Friday. The exceptionally athletic students of GTC ran circles around us all day long in fierce soccer and basketball competition, but we were thrilled with their sportsmanlike and fun-loving demeanour. We are sad to leave all the new friends we made at GTC, but the time for us to advance to the next stage of our trip has come. We can only hope that the students learned half as much from us as we did from them. All the best kids! 

Wherever we are, wherever we go, we’ll always remember, Georgetown Technicaaaaal! (Excerpt from GTC’s school song!) 

   Get high on life, say no to drugs!

This week we were lucky enough to partner up with the BFLA and set up a booth at their open day. We tested our artistic abilities by making posters and signs for puberty, teenage pregnancy and STI’s. Throughout the day different primary schools came to the BFLA clinic and we did a variety of games, activities and relays with the students to increase their awareness of the risks of pregnancy and STI’s. All of the students had lots of energy and it was a great experience getting to work with primary students.

 We were pumped to meet up with the primary crew this weekend when they hopped on the bus early to meet up with us in Dangriga before we head out to Belize City. It was so nice to show them around the beautiful city and share stories and laughs from our first four weeks of teaching! In preparation for their arrival the dream team was kept busy organizing a full day of fun challenges and activities for the Second Annual Dangriga Olympics. The games consisted of water balloon toss, donut on a string, watermelon eating competitions, three-legged race, chicken wars and ended in an elaborate relay race. Despite the superior physical finesse of the secondary team the games ended surprisingly in a draw… Until next year primary!!

Signing out,

Da Dream team 

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