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Hello all!

Primary has had an exciting and busy week in Dangriga, the Culture Capital of Belize. On top of our regular teaching, we have been Immensely involved in the community these past few days. On Tuesday, Marshal, the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) coordinator at the Education board, asked us to sit at the Education table at the annual Public Service Information Day. The 4 of us answered questions any students had involving HFLE and got to mingle with community members as well as learn about all the public service that takes place in Dangriga.

Friday night, the four of us were invited to attend the youth group set up by the Belize Family Life Association (BFLA). The youth group called themselves a family, referring to each other as brothers and sisters, and it was very kind of them to welcome us into their tightly knit group like they did! We were able to reflect on our weeks and listen to the others reflect about theirs, and also learned a lot about the community. We talk about the BFLA a lot in class, offering it as a resource to the kids, so it was great to learn more about it and partake in one of its activities on a personal level. We were even given an invite to attend the youth group’s annual Christmas party this December!

On Saturday, the crew headed to Holy Ghost Roman Catholic School to host a community day. Lots of students, fellow friends, and even high school students came to take part in the festivities. We held a sponge relay, played lots of football, distributed stickers, and practiced our artistic abilities by coloring. After the community day, we made our way down to Sacred Heart Roman Catholic School, which was hosting a fair for its students and the community. The fair had great music, awesome dancing, and a very impressive Cola chugging contest. It was nice to see so many of the students and community members come out to support the school.

Vlad and Laura C taught at Holy Ghost Roman Catholic school, a two-story school found right on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. The class sizes were quite large, and all the students were very happy to participate with the lesson material. The main lesson topics this week included Substance Use and Abuse, Healthy Relationships, and Communication with Anger Management. Laura and Vlad took the time after lessons to separate the classes into boys and girls to further promote discussion and questions in a less intimidating  environment. They were impressed by the high energy shown by the students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Karina and Laura M taught at Sacred Heart, one of the biggest primary schools in Dangriga. They were able to teach standards 4 and 5 this week. The students are very knowledgable and Karina and Laura built on their growth with information from values and attitudes and abuse and healthy relationships to a discussion based group talk about puberty. The school is located right on the water and provides an excellent football field, basketball court and jungle gym for the kids to play on. Some of the students even showed off their awesome double Dutch skills! Karina and Laura were invited to the schools weekly rosary at the end of the week as well. A lot of the students were dressed up for the celebration and it was a great experience.

We can’t believe there is only one week left of initiative. Just like the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

Time to start lesson planning for the week. Primary out.
Flash, Cozzi, Junior, and Lil’ K



Some action shots of the sponge relay!


With Marshal at the Public Service Info Day

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