6 weeks, 5 iguana scares, 4 PEs, 3 districts, 2 tapirs spotted and 1 lifetime of memories. 

7 months ago 4 strangers were chosen to be peer educators in Belizian primary schools. One young murse(male nurse), one wise graduate, and two wittle baby Lauras bonded together to form what would later be describe as the ultimate fantastic dream team. They heard tales of the heat, the infamous terrifying question box, and mountains of rice and beans they must face..and now 7 months and 6 weeks later, they come to you(much more tanned) with all their stories and journeys they conquered.

We discovered the heat was a nice change from the Canadian winter,  the question box questions did not disappoint as they were hilarious and insightful and the rice and beans (or beans and rice) were delicious.  

The final week of teaching Vlad and Laura C continued at Holy Ghost RC. They focused on Abuse and Healthy Relationships, Drugs and Substance Abuse and Puberty. The last lessons of the week consisted of Values and Attitudes , where students had the chance to reflect about what success meant to them and what obstacles could get in the way of that success. Laura and Vlad also challenged the students to make detailed goals about what they would like to achieve in their future. Outside of the classroom Vlad and Laura got really sweaty each break playing catch catch and football and interacting with all the students. Overall it was a great final week, especially for Vlad because he finally got an opportunity to ring the recess bell. And boy did he ring it. 

Laura and Karina finished their last week of teaching at Sacred Heart this week. They taught lessons on puberty and abuse and healthy relationships. The kids had some great questions and we ended the week well. They were even able to provide a huge question answer discussion on puberty that involved students and staff! They also attended a presentation by Oceania after their final lesson! This organization works to protect the worlds oceans and work in Canada, America, Chile, Brazil and other various places around the world! It was so great to see the kids so engaged in learning about their environment and maintaining the coral reef that is such an important part of Belize. We learned a lot about the political issues surrounding the reef and the ways Belize people can save the environment. Such an enlightening last week we were sad to leave sacred heart on our last day.

When we think of words to describe our initiative in Belize the past 6 weeks here are some words that come to mind: beautiful, delicious, adventurous, energetic, chill, friendly, juicy, enlightening, inspiring, eye opening, welcoming, cultural, colourful, sunny, and eager… Just to name a few. 
We have learned so much during the past six weeks, and are forever grateful to have been a part of such a unique opportunity. We can’t believe it has come to an end already. Words cannot do justice in thanking our friends, family and sponsors who supported us throughout the year to make this initiate possible. We’d also like to give our kindest regards to our directors, Meg and Georgia, who guided us the past 7 months and 6 weeks, as well as everyone else involved in QHO who made this past year so amazing. Finally, we would like to extend thanks to all the people we have met along the way, such as the students and staff at each school and all the locals that have welcomed us so warmly into their country and culture. Without their acceptance initiative would not have been so outstanding. 

Better than the oscar selfie? I think so . Vlad and Laura with their standard 6 class


Vlad ringing the bell for break!!


Adios amigos! It’s been a great ride. 

Cozzi, Vlad, Laura and Karina 

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