The Primary Team says Bye to Corozal

Today, the Primary Team left Corozal Town, Corozal to start a new half of our adventure in San Ignacio, Cayo. 

Sierra and Sam with students at Paraiso Government School.

Sam and Sierra finished their last week at Paraiso Government School. They taught lessons about mental illness, goal setting, and sexual responsibility. They also had the wonderful opportunity to help judge a reading contest the standard 2s and 3s were having which was super fun! Due to reading contests and spellings bees, Sam and Sierra got to spend a lot of time hanging out with the kids outside of the classroom. One of their most amazing moments this week was having a dance party with the kids, where they got to learn some great dances to the kids’ favourite songs. Sam and Sierra also walked over to the football stadium after school one day to watch the school’s boys football team play in the tournament that was going on that day! The week ended with sad goodbyes to both the students and teachers as well as with the principal and teachers taking Sam and Sierra out for a farewell/Teacher’s Day lunch. 

Enjoying a dance party at Paraiso!

Lindsay and Bianca had the opportunity to finish off their time in Corozal at two different schools! In the mornings, they continued to teach at Concepcion Roman Catholic School. This week they taught lessons about puberty, abuse and healthy relationships. Their last lessons were jeopardy games where the students were quizzed on the material over the past three weeks. Bianca and Lindsay were very impressed by how much the students retained. 

Lindsay and Bianca with the Standard 5/6 Class at Concepcion R.C.

Lindsay and Bianca with their Standard 3/4 Class at Concepcion R.C.

After meeting with Maria at the Ministry of Education office in Corozal, it was arranged for Lindsay and Bianca to teach at Church of Christ School this week in the afternoons. They taught about bullying, self-esteem, peer influence, abuse and healthy relationships. The students asked insightful questions and were a pleasure to teach! 

Bianca and Lindsay in front of Church of Christ Primary School.

Lindsay drinking cold water out of a baggie (common practice in Corozal primary schools).

We finished off our terrific week on Saturday with a final Community Day! We had a soccer game and other playground activities in Concepcion Park with some of the students from Concepcion R.C. school. 

Community Day at Concepcion Park.

It was very hard to say goodbye to our students in Corozal this week but today we officially arrived in San Ignacio (after a very long travel day). We are excited to see what the next chapter of our adventure will bring! 

View of Corozal Bay from the top of our hotel.

Warmest Regards,

Sam, Lindsay, Bianca and Sierra

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