Another Week Battling the Heat! 

Our first week in San Ignacio has been absolutely amazing! After a little bit of a rough start with a mistaken hour bus ride to Belmopan, we finally made it to our new schools! Sam and Sierra are teaching at Eden, SDA Primary School located in Santa Elena which is about a half hour walk from San Ignacio. Bianca and Lindsay are teaching at Kuxlin Ha Government School which is located in Maya Mopan, Belmopan, so they take 2 buses, totaling to 1 1/2 hours each way, everyday. Sam and Sierra are teaching 6 classes a day, 2 classes of each Standard 4, 5 and 6. Bianca and Lindsay have 10 classes (3 Standard 4 classes, 3 Standard 5 classes and 4 Standard 6 classes) so they have split their schedule to teach 5 classes a day which they alternate between (Day 1, Day 2 rotation). Other than our amazing week teaching, we also had a hard battle against the heat this week! The temperature reached up to 50 degrees in the middle of the week! 

Sam and Sierra had a great first week teaching at their school! Their lessons included peer influence, stress, healthy active living/nutrition, bullying and mental illness. The kids were all super receptive to all our lessons which was amazing to see. Sam and Sierra also had the opportunity to play a trivia game with the standard 6s on Friday which was a great way to bond with the kids! The girls have also been getting amazing questions from all the classes, which has really allowed us to gage what the kids are learning! Overall, Sam and Sierra had a really great week getting to know the kids and the teachers, who are also super welcoming and have been really amazing.

Sam and Sierra hanging out at school

Bianca and Lindsay were so excited to start teaching at Kuxlin Ha Government School this week! On Monday, they had meetings with the principal and teachers to schedule in all 10 classes and they have become scheduling queens! The rest of the week, they taught mental illness/depression/suicide and drugs and substance abuse to over 250 kids! After teaching in 2 -3 classes a day in Concepcion for 3 weeks, it is definitely a change to be teaching 10 classes every 2 days! They also love getting to read 10 classes worth of insightful question box questions!! They’re looking forward to the next 2 weeks of teaching and getting to know the students! 

Linds and Bianca on the bus to school!

Linds and Bianca in front of their school

Signing out from the San Ignacio heat,

Primary gals 

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