Week 2

We had another great week of teaching this week.  We had a full day of successful classes on Monday, and finished the day off by rewarding ourselves with a tropical fruit feast.  On Tuesday, we were invited to the devotion ceremony for the fourth form (grade 12s).  This was one of their last ceremonies before graduating, so it had a very positive energy with lots of cheering and music.  We did one of our classic tabatta workouts in the park near our hotel after school that day and met a couple of adorable local kids who joined in with us while their older siblings played some soccer on the field.  On Wednesday, there was a referendum vote and the voting took place in the schools so we got the day off.  We took this opportunity to go horseback riding through the jungle and got to learn more about the wildlife here.  Some highlights were seeing the silly hen like birds that chased each other around, having our guide show off his skills by standing on his horse to pick mangoes off a tree for us, and a type of plant that was used by mayans as a traditional way of giving temporary tattoos.  On Thursday we started training for the parents night on Saturday.  We had agreed to help out earlier in the week, but had no idea what was in store.  For our training, we had to parade around the school, up and down the stairs carrying trays loaded with drinks and plates.  The tourism class made it look very easy, but we had some minor difficulties.  We spent the rest of the afternoon helping wrap cutlery and trying to learn some creole from a few of the students who were also volunteering.  On Friday, we had a bit of a tougher day as some of the classes were ready for the weekend.  Cassie and Jessee tried a new fruit after class that reportedly tasted like a cooked yam.  We found out about the Dangriga cancer walk that was happening the next day, and tracked down where we could get shirts to participate.  On Saturday, we woke up at 4am to catch a bus at 4:30 am that took us to the starting location for the cancer walk.  This was a 6 mile walk that took us back in to town.  We all enjoyed this experience and it was very cool to see the community come together.  Later in the day, the other group travelled from Belize City to meet us in Hopkins for a fun weekend excursion.  We had a great time getting to see them again.  We had to come back to dangriga a little bit ahead of them to prepare for the parents night at the school.  We put on our nicest serving clothes then headed out.  Once there we quickly got put to work helping set up then served water and juice for the rest of the night.  It was very fun and exciting to see all of the graduating students together all dressed up.  It was a fun night with lots of singing and fun skits done by the students.  On Sunday we all went to a basketball game before the other group headed back to Belize city.  It was the finals between Dangriga and San Pedro.  Unfortunately, Dangriga could not secure the win.  On a more positive note, Ryan participated in the half time 3 point competition and won!  All in all, it was a great week of teaching and we are excited for next week!

At the cancer walk
Walking to school
4th form devotion
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