Week 3, Sun, Smiles and goodbyes

Hello family and friends! 

Our third week has arrived already, we can’t believe how fast time has gone. We began Monday with preparing for our break activity for first and second form students; Monday’s activity was goal setting! The students decided on a S.M.A.R.T goal and wrote out ways to achieve it. It was awesome to see there goals, dreams, and aspirations including finishing high school, becoming a pilot, and buying a car to name a few. We spent the afternoon teaching, and then enjoyed our first air conditioned meal in 2 weeks haha. 

Tuesday’s break activity consisted of homemade coconut oil coffee sugar scrubs! We emphasized the importance of self care and self love and the students were excited to enjoy there DIY scrub :). Later that day Cassie and Julia explored a bakery that sold loaves of bread and car tires, an odd combination! I guess you never know what you’ll find in Belize. We played catch phrase and got fajitas from our favourite ladies – so delicious! 

Upon arriving at school Wednesday we were informed that the golden showcase, a performance of arts and cultures including dances, singing, and acting. Up first were the primary schools who had made it past the first round, meaning out of the 46 original schools only 25 were left; it was the best of the best! We grabbed some fruit including watermelon and pineapple for show snacks and were in awe of the kids talents. It was also educational as many performances provided insight to Belize’s history, the ICJ, Garifuna drumming, and traditional dances. Afterwards the teachers of ecumenical performed a play by the name of “the situation” which had the students cracking up! It used a lot of comedy, but had great take home messages about trust, support, and healthy relationships. After school we went to the market and picked up a bunch of fresh veggies to make a salad (we even found some avocados – yum)! We spend the night chopping veggies, eating our nutritious salads and playing Euchre.

Thursday we had our last break time activity which included the students writing warm fuzzies for one another! The students were excited to be able to spread the kindness and share thoughtful notes to both peers and teachers, and maybe a couple of candies too! Thursday was our last day teaching at ecumenical as Friday was teachers day, the students didn’t have classes and the teachers were treated to music and a beach bbq such a lovely idea. It was sad to leave ecumenical and the students we’ve gotten to know, as well as Ms.Mayorga who help us coordinate our schedule. We taught our last classes, and said our goodbyes to both students and staff! Ecumenical will always hold a special place in our hearts and hope to return some day! We celebrated our final day by grabbing some ice cream and reminiscing on our past 3 weeks.

Our last Friday in dangriga we woke up early to catch the sunrise, and it was defiantly worth the early wake up! We had a delicious classic Belizean breakfast consisting of fry jacks, eggs, beans and bacon! After spending the day at the beach, we chatted over dinner about how welcoming the community of dangriga has been to us. We’ve gotten to know the friendly faces like the Fajitas ladies, meat pie man, the waitress at island, the burritos ladies at school, Chad, Eleanor and Brandon at the hotel, the kids at the park (America and Hakeem), and lastly the generous, kind, and thought community at Ecumenical. We couldn’t have ask for a better 3 weeks! At dinner Cassie, Ryan and Julia found out when ordering a bacon cheese burger quite literally it means bacon and cheese no patty haha! 

Saturday we woke up and began packing for the bus ride to Belize city, it was sad to think about leaving our comfy cozy home at the Chaleanor, but we’re excited for the new adventures Belize city will hold. Chad gifted us a farewell breakfast of a delicious bowl of mangoes, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something so delicious (fresh from the farm). We said our farewells hugged the meat pie goodbye as we grabbed our seats on the four hour bus ride to Belize city! We were excited to reunite with the other group and hear the stories from there past week 🙂 they toured us around showing us there favourite spots to eat! 

Sunday we ventured out to old Belize kukumba beach, a man made salt water beach that was recommended by the other groups and enjoyed the sun, slides, and laughs! 

We are eager and excited to begin teaching at primary schools, and can’t wait to create 3 more weeks of memories! 

Love Ryan, Julia, Jessee, and Cassie 

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