Week Four

Hello friends and family! 

Our fourth week of teaching has come to an end! This week we started out fresh in Belize City. We have switched from teaching in high schools and are now in primary schools teaching students from standard 3 to standard 6. Teaching pairs were excited to visit our new schools to meet the principals and set up schedules for the next 3 weeks.  

Cassie and Jessee have started teaching in two schools; Salvation Army Primary School and Queens Square Anglican. They alternate, teaching standard 4 and 5 at Queens Square on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, and standard 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Salvation Army on Tuesday’s and Thursdays! They have taught many fun filled lessons in their first week, including bullying, stress, self esteem, physical activity and mental health. They also have been modelling their physical activity lesson by playing around with all the students on their breaks, including Tag, octopus and having races! The kids are incredibly fast, causing Cassie and Jessee to break a sweat! Overall a great week getting to know the schools and students, and starting off teaching some lessons.

Julia and Ryan have started at Wesley Upper Primary School in Belize City. There, they have been teaching classes of eager students from standard 4 to standard 6. This week topics such as  communication, nutrition and healthy active living were covered in class. The students love participating in discussions and have requested even more games and activities in our lessons because they have so much fun. Julia and Ryan have already started forming great relationships with the students. We have enjoyed playing with them during lunch and letting the students play with and braid Julia’s “doll hair”. We can’t wait to get back to school this week and continue talking about new health topics! 

We have had so much fun discovering some new favourite places in Belize City such as the pizza place around the corner from the hotel. We even challenged ourselves to participate in “raw Wednesday” this week & made a nice big salad for dinner. 

Friday we had the day off of teaching and decided to take a field trip to the Belize Zoo & animal rehabilitation centre. While there we had a personal tour from Abigail, Kevin and Renee, 3 primary students from the Cayo district who were visiting the zoo with their class. While there we saw different animals such as tapirs, monkeys, toucans and a bunch of jaguars. 

On Friday night some members of the other group came to meet us in Belize city & we treated them to a night at the cinema where we watched the new Aladdin movie! We highly recommend you all go watch it and listen to the soundtrack! We had a bright and early wake up at 2:30 am Saturday morning where some of us joined the Belize City cancer walk. We walked a total of 8 miles all before 8 o’clock! We spent the rest of the weekend in Belmopan hanging out with the other group. On Sunday we travelled farther into the Cayo district to explore some Mayan ruins at Xunantunich. We learnt a lot about Belizian history and had a lot of fun! We were even able to climb to the top of the ruins & had a great view. 

Overall, we had a great first week in Belize city & can’t believe how fast the time is flying! Only 2 more weeks left to go! We can’t wait to see what these next 2 weeks will bring. 

Love Julia, Cassie, Jessee, and Ryan

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